The list of our current researches

Our members currently work on researches in these directions:
Research data
Subject Direction Start date Finish date Country of origin Participants Document link
Marspolar General Mission Assessment General Jan, 16th, 2016 - United Arab Emirates Goncharov A. Draft release B (28.10.2017)
Mars Habitat ECLS requirements Life Support Jan, 16th, 2016 - Russia, USA Goncharov A., O'Hara B. -
Galactic Cosmic Rays(GCR) and Solar Particle Events (SPE) Protection Life Support Oct, 1st, 2016 - Russia Goncharov A. -
Magnetic Anomalies on Mars Geology Jan, 16th, 2016 - Russia, UK Varatharajan I.,PhD; Goncharov A. -
Hellas Basin Geology Geology Jan, 16th, 2016 - UK Varatharajan I. Preliminary review
Dust Storm Statistics Geology Jan, 5th, 2017 - Hong Kong QiWei Yu D. -
Aeroponic plants growth Biology Mar, 1st, 2016 - Australia Killeen K. -
Flight Training Flight Theory Feb, 2nd, 2016 - Greece Krassakis A.; Kaplanoglou V. MPFT1-Theoretical Education
MPFT2 - Flight Instruction