Welcome to MarsPolar

MarsPolar is a private crowd-sourced initiative, which aims to research and plan the establishment of a human colony on Mars.
We are an extremely fast growing international group of space enthusiasts, scientists, engineers, designers and dreamers, who plan to work to push the boundaries of space exploration. We are working to establish connections with researchers, scientists, space agencies and private space companies. Then we intend to dedicate specialised teams to try and work on specific problems, that help us reach closer to the dream of establishing a settlement on Mars.

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We are MarsPolar

Get ready for the changes

We invite you to dream with us. You will be with us and we will be everywhere. So the dream will come true.

First international Space Agency

We are the group of engineers, designers, enterpreneues and just dreamers who aimed to build the first private international space agency in the world. It will include launching site and astronaut training base. And we invite you to become part of our team.

We took the smartest ideas in the World

The human exploration initiative by NASA

The plan how to explore Moon and Mars, prepared by team of Johnson Space Center in 1989

Mars Direct

A Simple, Robust, and Cost Effective Architecture for the Space Exploration Initiative by Robert M. Zubrin, David A. Baker and Owen Gwynne (1990)

ESA and NASA astronaut training basics

We developing training program for future astronauts, looking on the best parts of world space agencies materials.

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Any scientific research and ambitious undertaking requires financial support. Currently, our initiative is a start-up looking for angel investors and crowdfunding. We are also looking for increased support from the public and community of space enthusiasts from across the world.
You can support us by:

  • Spreading the word about our initiative in social media or blogs
  • Making a financial contribution
  • Applying and possibly working with us as a volunteer

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Why humanity needs to explore Mars?

Space exploration has contributed immensely to many fields of science. Our next big step is setting foot on another planetary body and Mars is the ideal candidate. Exploring new lands and frontiers of known has always entailed human. Ask yourself why we all exist? No one knows. But the best solution to this issue would be a step forward.

Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.

-Christopher Columbus

Our Mission

Read about our plans

Preliminary description of our plans and efforts.

Current Efforts

Engineering projects

Mission Reseach

Desrciption of all current research directions

Future Ambitions

Describtion of our future goals